Packaging to make your brand memorable 


Patented Design

The Original

Bpak card packaging design is unique. We are the exclusive distributors in North America for the cutting edge sliding pack technology patented by Burgopak. When you choose to work with us, you will immediately have an unfair advantage over your competition because no-one else in the market is doing what we’re doing to transcend end user experience of gift, loyalty or SIM card delivery.


The Next Generation

We also now have our own patent in place for the next generation of gift card packaging.  

We go one step further to enhance your customer experience by removing the need for the addition of a plastic card by embedding the gift card data on the packaging itself.  This reduces fulfillment costs, helps save our planet and creates a product that becomes an all in one solution. No need for your customers to search for wrapping paper or a traditional card to accompany their gift!

BPak-gift-card-banner-turquoise copy.jpg

Our roots lie in the SIM business. Since 2004 we have been designing and sourcing some of the best SIM packs ever seen. From Vodafone Australia to T-Mobile USA we have built and fulfilled more than 50 million packs. We handle every aspect of your SIM - from design, sourcing and fulfilment to final delivery of a customer ready product and supplying the card itself. When you’re looking for someone to handle every aspect of this essential piece of your business, we really are the only choice.



Using The Original or Next Generation of patents, we provide your organisation with a high end user experience that gets people talking. = Your gift cards sell themselves



Make your phone company stand out from the crowd with this unique mechanism to deliver the humble SIM card and make it the star of the show. = Elevated branding with memorable experiences and repeatable business.



What better way to reward (and value) your customer than by going the extra mile to make them feel special with our unique loyalty card packaging? = The on brand, on message, VIP treatment for loyal customers.