why us

Sliding card packaging is what we do


 With 20 years experience and over 50 million packs built and fulfilled, we’re experts in this field and provide unique packaging experiences for all our clients.  

Our patents mean we are the only choice for this type of design but we’re also a friendly and professional bunch so you can rest assured you’re working with the best. We also go the extra mile to make sure you’re looked after throughout the entire process.


Taking your brand to the next level.

Today’s consumers are savvy.  With so much exposure to various brand messaging from social media channels, it gets harder and harder for you to stand out from your competition.  Our designs transcend the normal expectations of receiving cards and with our custom, bespoke design service that incorporates your brand’s message, you’ll have the ultimate unique-to-you product that will impress your customers and have them coming back for more.


Harnessing and elevating a multi-billion dollar industry

The gift card industry is at an all time high and is only expected to increase exponentially.  Consumers want more control over their purchasing decisions so choosing their own gifts means they get what they want rather than something that ends up in the back of the closet. Harnessing this industry is simple, but elevating your brand to create brand loyalty is what we do best. 


The benefits of BPAK solutions:


For you

+ Cost efficient, full-service experience with no ‘middle-agencies’ to consider. We design, source, fulfill and deliver a customer ready product. From start to finish we provide a top tier service.

+ Creates brand loyalty with your customers, so they not only talk about your brand but keep coming back for more.

+ Lower fulfillment costs (Next Generation patent) - no need to factor in the laborious process of sticking plastic cards to packaging since the data is housed within the pack itself.


For your customer

+ Good karma knowing they are helping to save the planet from additional plastic waste.

+ An elevated experience with a touch of magic when they receive their gift, loyalty or SIM card.

+ All in one solution.  Dispense with the search for wrapping paper and a traditional card to accompany the gift.