Case Study

Delta Airline Limited Edition Gift Card Pack


Delta Airlines is synonymous with top performance, from on-time statistics to minimal cancellations.

So, when it came to celebrating 40 years of the iconic DC-9 plane, they wanted to create a limited edition gift card made from the body of a retired Delta jet.

To house the 2500 uniquely numbered gift cards, Delta wanted the packaging to showcase this piece of history in a way that would elevate the gift experience for aviation enthusiasts.

This was a design that was meant to be kept and treasured so no ordinary packaging would do.

We were given carte blanche to design the perfect partner for this most unusual card, with the only specification that the card was to be seen through the packaging.

The design process took three months to perfect and the final product was a story book of the jets history showcasing the iconic plane once the pack was opened, with the gift card as the centerpiece.

The pack design and aluminium card is now a collectibles item that marks Delta Airlines history of one of their now retired DC-9 jet.