Changing the face of the gift card industry!



In 2004 our founder Stuart Wischhusen and his wife decided to take a few months out from Sydney life and return to their native UK for a camper van trip around Europe. Stuart had it fixed in his head that during this adventure he would discover a fantastic new product that he could take back to Australia and sell to the world. Stuart saw the Burgopak at a friends BBQ and was fascinated by the simplicity of the product along with the fun and novelty of the magical sliding opening feature. This unique idea was exactly what he was looking for!



He returned to Australia and, along with his business partner Trevor, formed Burgopak Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. Following success in the Asia Pacific region, Stuart returned to the UK to form Bpak360 Ltd in 2009 and then Bpak Inc in the USA in 2013. All three companies continue to thrive and grow by specializing in sliding packaging for gift and SIM cards. This technology and the unique design services we offer our clients means our products stand out from the crowd and create memorable customer experiences.


The Mission

Since the inception of BPAK we have been on a mission to change the face of the gift card industry!


We see a day when the hanging displays of gift cards are no longer lined up bare and naked, stuck to a sad piece of card... but instead are fun, unique and exciting packages that take the humble gift card to the next level. Giving and receiving a gift card will no longer be a ‘nice’ gesture but an exciting gift experience.

Our dream is to help more global brands give their customers the best experience possible when receiving a simple gift card.  A gift card to spend in store can be just as exciting as buying the gift itself. It’s an experience that will be remembered AND talked about, creating brand loyalty and a little bit of magic in people’s lives.



Our process is simple

Concept. Design. Manufacture.
An end-to-end service with your customer in mind to elevate their experience and have them coming back for more.